It’s Jewell!

Thirteen years and counting. That’s how long I’ve been navigating fashion with Posh Couture. I love the fashion business and all it’s craziness but I have certainly had days when I had to remind myself of my why. I think more than anything, I get a total high when a women connects to a garment. It’s where true power starts and it’s certainly my true sport of choice:)

When I opened Studio Twenty8 Fifty7 with Janice, the plan was for us both to build our unique platforms. We captured that as well as the true understanding of how fast my side of the industry moves. Fast Fashion….. that’s where we’ve landed. So you ask, what is that? It means merchandise fast and inexpensive. It means creating a website that has more bells and whistles than I would have ever accepted even 5 years ago. It also means that I am willing to change with the industry and not just do what works for me. It’s the only way lifers survive this industry. If social media and web presence isn’t your thing, this gig is not for you! Oh and one more thing, make sure you have a Lillian to direct it all. This is not a solo act by any means.

Even still, I’m always on the quest for what’s next. It’s coming, but in the meantime, if you are a former Posh Couture Girl or want to join us, log on for the ride!

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