My Quarantine Essentials!

I have to be honest, the first few weeks of quarantine were scary.  I instantly became my own nail tech, hair stylist , trainer and was confronted with the harsh reality that I would now have to shop beauty essentials without testing them in a store (God only knows if and when that will happen again).  I had to create a beauty plan and order products based on reviews. ~Man I hoped the bloggers I read meant what they said and said what they meant lol!

 When I first wrote that statement,  I hoped that it wouldn't sound completely shallow given our current state. I needed to have something to focus on and my new self care routine fit the bill.  The hardest part of this pandemic for me is staying mentally healthy and up beat. I can't care for my tribe unless I've done due diligence with myself first.  I'm a people person ... I get inspiration from being out in the crowd exchanging information.  Its what  makes me tick.  I also realized that it only takes a few products that are my true essentials but they are essential ....even if my husband begs to differ.  

Here are a few things I not only tried but truly love.  I'll start with Sevich root touch powder.  First of all it's waterproof!  The colors are pretty perfect and the powder puff applicator gave me all the feels. I have hair color on order... that review will be coming soon.

Have you seen all the ads for Tatbrow?  If full brows are your daily goal, this is for you too.  I have been obsessed with brows literally all my life.  If only I hadn't been an over tweezer in the 80's......oh well, clearly their are thousands of girls like me after all Anastasia Beverly Hills brings in an estimated $340 million in annual sales targeting brows alone.  I stock her pencils like toothpaste but this tat brow gives me brushstrokes combined with my pencils perfect outline.  Before the pandemic this was my year to get my permanent brows retouched.... thanks to this product I can use those funds on shoes:) 

I so miss my lash appointments.  Once you've worn individuals its hard to find a strip you like.  I need them light and feathery.  Magnetics have been my go to lately because glue is way to much work. However, there are days when I'm in a hurry (yes...I still rush for zoom meetings) and Thrive Causemetics Mascara is incredible. I always use primer first from Lancome and then apply for great length and fullness. 

I start and finish my day with my Beauty Counter products.  The Vitamin C serum and Recovery Sleeping Cream are game changers!  I feel like I'm wrapped in silk and cashmere every time I apply it.  Doesn't get much better that that lol!!!

I'd love to know what your new beauty finds are.  If you don't have any yet, today is a great day to start.  Self care is everything!

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