My Top Virtual Boutiques.......

I have always been a lover of a good boutique experience.  Growing up in DC, I couldn't wait to go to Georgetown on Saturday's to hunt for the unusual.   Hunting is still my thing but now I do it from the comforts of my office.  I love shopping small and connecting to the owner if only through her style.  When I had my own store women would always come in and say..... I have to try it on, I can't shop on my computer.  Well..... Covid has made everyone love to shop from home whether it's a dress or groceries.  We just have to roll with the new system!

The best part of shopping or discovering new brands for me is sharing them.  These boutiques I'm about to tell you about have great style, good customer service and are all owned and operated by women.  I started Posh Couture 14 years ago to create a space of comradery for women.  Whether online or in person the goal is to be refreshed and excited with every new discovery. Let's call it self care and dive right in......

The List:::

1. Nicole Lynel ~ She's a little power house.  Her designs and story are both amazing.

2. Joyce Sheffield ~ Joyce has mad style, her photo shoots make you add to cart without hesitation.

3. Tiffani Rose ~ I love maxi dresses and she has them all with the perfect silhouette.

4. Pink Sky ~ This little power house and I go back to the beautiful days of Honesty Jewelry. I can always find cute dresses and tops on her site.

5. Drop Cloth ~ Kelly's art makes me speechless.  I love everything she's every created!

6. Beauty Counter  ~ My daughter in law introduced me to these products and I and SOLD.  The recovery night cream is incredible!

7. Eight Royale ~ My dear friend Carla has the solution to the CUTE foldable flat.  We have a collab coming you are gonna love!

8. Aminah Jillil ~ I'm a shoe lover and these are fire!

9. Taylor and Max ~ She has the sweetest clothing for little people I have ever seen. If you are looking for something special.... it's there.

10. ChloeRae ~ Her classic style is charming!

11. iTFactor ~ We've never met but I feel like I know her.  I'm all about edgy and her racks are filled with it.

12. Tosha ~ This handbag designer is beyond fabulous!  We introduced her and her designs to our clients last year and she Was a hit.  I look forward to doing an exclusive with her..... stay tuned!

13. Imare Boutique ~ One of my friends turned me on to this boutique a few weeks ago. She surely has the secret sauce. Her sizes range from S-3x and sell faster than you can click to shop! 

14. Effies Paper ~ Need a little Black Girl Magic.... she has us all covered.  I sell her products but she always has something that she sells exclusively so visit her for sure.

15. Taylor Jay ~ OMG..... I started carrying her line last year and almost became a TJ boutique lol!  We will add her again in the fall but in the meantime check her out.  Her fabrics and designs are pure luxe.

I hope you will check out each of these amazing women and their collections.  I visit them daily (yep) which is why the shirt in the photo is so fitting:). As I find more I will share,  after all.... virtual  boutiques are the new normal.



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